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Memoirs: It's Public!

As you may know, I have been working on a little something to organise pictures in the family so we can share them properly. Everybody having their own little isolated drives, albums etc is just a mess.

Well... That turned out to be somewhat more complicated than I initially thought. Took nearly 2 years!

Turns out that it is no good just having a picture without knowing who's in it, when it is from and where it was taken.... So it's not just "pictures" - it's "people", "locations" and "family trees" too.

So I called it "Memoirs".

I have an early version up and running at - feel free to have a browse about. It might be slightly sluggish as it is running off a small computer at home. Be patient.

Note that initially, you will only see about 2300 images - the ones I chose to make public. I have nearly 30.000 images in there; I can't make them all public. To see them, you need to create an account and log in. (Until I implement more granular access controls, accounts have to be approved before they are fully usable. Sorry)

Use the toolbar to see images from interesting locations or interesting periods. Or to find pictures of yourself: Yes you'll find some. Probably many :-)

Despite the name, it's not a static thing, as we generate memories all the time. So you can add your own too :-) - and you can control whether they're public or not.

I hope that one day this may become a commercial product, and you're my guinea pigs here: Let me know what you think of it - and what could be improved!