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  1. Files Hidden By Mount Points

    The wolderful flexibility of being able to mount file systems at any point in the file system comes at a small cost: You can end up hiding files - usually by mistake.

    For example, imaging having the following file systems:

    • / - the root file system. A small(ish) partition, usually only a …
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  2. When Sorting Fails

    When investigating disk usage issues on a very full disk, the investigation may actually be hampered by the lack of disk space. For example:

    du -x -m / | sort -nr | head -25

    can fail if you have a lot of directories and your disk is completely full: sort will only process …

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  3. My Disk Space Doesn't Add Up!

    Sometimes your disk usage does not add up - for example:

    karl@someserver:~$ df -h /
    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda1        52G   49G  243M 100% /

    So what gives? 49Gb + 248Mb is definitely less than 52Gb !! This is a sizeable discrepancy of at least 1.5 Gb!

    Also, the …

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  4. Where Did My Disk Space Go?

    Imagine the scenario: Your application does not work, and no errors are appearing in your log files. In fact: nothing new is appearing in your log files! Bah!

    And then you discover that your root file system is full. And that's the only file system on the box:

    Filesystem     1K-blocks …
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