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  1. Why So Many Passwords?

    Every site (or every account) you use should have a different, distinct password. Every single one. Never re-use passwords.

    That way: if one site gets hacked (and your password leaked on the darker parts of the web), only that account is leaked. The potential damage is reduced. The bad guys …

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  2. Good Passwords: Size Matters!

    Many places have password policies. And they often prescribe that your password MUST include things like:

    • UPPER case characters
    • lower case characters
    • digits
    • "special" characters

    The problem is: That advice is wrong.

    Or at least: the advice guides people towards difficult-to-remember passwords and it does not increase security.

    The single …

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  3. I will stop spamming you!

    The spammers who try to flood my inbox must be getting desperate - they're offering to stop if I pay them!

    From: "Admin" <>
    Subject: I will stop spaming you
    I'm sick of sending spam...
    If you send me $10 USD worth of XMR / Monero I will remove …
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  4. Blurple!?? Really?

    The other day I came across a new English word. This is not a new thing for me - it happens on a annoyingly regular basis. But it made me stop and take notice: BLURPLE !?? Why hadn't i ever heard that before?

    OK - so it sounds some combination between blue and …

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  5. Recovering From A Fork Bomb

    The scenario: Your server is not working right: You cannot start new processes! Simple commands like "ls" fail:

    yourname@yourserver:~$ ls
    -bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable

    This is a symptom of the kernel reaching the maximum number of processes. On most systems, this is 32768 processes, and on 64-bit …

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  6. Files Hidden By Mount Points

    The wolderful flexibility of being able to mount file systems at any point in the file system comes at a small cost: You can end up hiding files - usually by mistake.

    For example, imaging having the following file systems:

    • / - the root file system. A small(ish) partition, usually only a …
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