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Brexit and the Lorry Driver Shortage

As you may have noticed, we appear to have a lorry driver shortage in the UK. This is causing lack of petrol deliveries to various petrol stations - a number of stations had to close as they ran out of fuel.

In a sane world, this would normally be a temporary "blip".

But we do not live in a sane world: People have gotten all excited and panicky over it, and started panic buying - thus making the problem much worse. And this could well start the vicious cycle of panic-buying and shortages.

Some people with below average amounts of sense seem to get all excited by it - and their actions can well make the situation worse.

In my area it is OK. I had to queue for 30 minutes to get fuel, which was annoying. Entertainment was provided by few idiots who lost their self control and thought themselves better than others. In my defence: I was running low and only needed £20 worth, as my car is happily doing 60 miles/gallon (about 25 km/ltr) - I didn't buy more than I needed.

Supermarkets seem to have everything we need and more. I am not sure about deliveries of avacados and hummus, but that may suffer? If so, I couldn’t care less…

The thing that REALLY annoys me is that brexiteers never saw it coming. If they did, then they lied about it, which is even worse.

They appear to be unable to understand that “leaving the common market" would obviously mean "less access to the common market”.

When they were chanting that “Brexit means Brexit”, they obviously had no idea of what it actually meant. The audacious attempt at explaining a word using the word itself was a huge red flag: You do not explain a word by repeating the word! It was obvious they were more interested in covering up their ignorance than fixing their lack of comprehension.

Leaving the EU means dealing with the EU as any other Non-EU country. It means customs inspections. It means goods and services flow slower to/from the EU. It means that more lorries will be needed in order to transport the same volume in the same timeframe, as they will naturally move slower. Which means more lorry drivers are needed.

When you combine that with Brexit making it far less attractive for foreign lorry drivers to operate in the UK, it is pretty clear that the UK aimed at the foot and fired. Slowly and deliberately.

At least there seems to be enough lorries - no doubt left behind by the people who have left the profession and gone back.

In the run-up to the Brexit vote, some brexiteers argued for "British Jobs for British People". This argument was stupid back then and demonstrably stupid now: If it was true, then the natives would have filled those jobs by now. After all, they had a few years to prepare.

All of this was entirely predictable. Somebody were blind-sided by their own magical thinking. It means somebody not only messed up, but chose to ignore the people screaming warnings about the error.

Yes: I know that the lorry driver shortage has other causes in addition to brexit. But THIS cause could have been seen and avoided. But it wasn’t. And that’s why it is bad.

And when people's stupidity hurt other people, I get annoyed.