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I will stop spamming you!

The spammers who try to flood my inbox must be getting desperate - they're offering to stop if I pay them!

From: "Admin" <>
Subject: I will stop spaming you

I'm sick of sending spam...

If you send me $10 USD worth of XMR / Monero I will remove your address from my list.

Address: 84EDuLnccUnGyA8Dqkt1nmAsTy5XWwyMgYgtCtdYYG2C1PcjRyCwcn9eZ9edDL7oqACfVQ19iW9MmJ2MQWfkniUe4Hkygzt
Payment ID: u4rjk4uz


I have to laugh - they're so sick of spamming me that they're asking me to help them out of their predicament! I guess just stopping never crossed their mind :-)