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Blurple!?? Really?

The other day I came across a new English word. This is not a new thing for me - it happens on a annoyingly regular basis. But it made me stop and take notice: BLURPLE !?? Why hadn't i ever heard that before?

OK - so it sounds some combination between blue and purple, right? Pretty much, yes. But does the English language really need a word for that?


At least this is one of the colour names I can understand - the name itself is very descriptive. But it still annoys me that I had not heard of it before!!

That is... Until I realised that this was just another world for violet!! And then that started to annoy me more: What is the point of having two different words (with the exact same meaning) for the same thing!?? Does it mean that whoever invented the word "blurple" did not know the word "violet" ??